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Hey Friends! Let me introduce you to my daughter Jody. She's a jewel to say the least and has chosen in many ways to follow in my footsteps in Trucking & Ministry. She has made huge strides in both. If you've been following along with the books you know that my mother passed away when I was very young and I was away from my father for most of my youth. This was especially tough on me and I always tell people that "God raised me". I also did not grow up in the church so most of what I know about God and the Christian life I learned straight from God! I've tried my best to be a good leader and great parent but many times like everyone I make mistakes. It's like the old saying goes "God isn't done with me yet". The Bible says in Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you. That sounds good but what if you don't have a mother or father to fill that void in your life? What I've learned with the absence of my parents is to always give honor to God my heavenly Father, Jesus my greatest friend and The Holy Spirit my guide and comforter. This seems to be more difficult than just trying to honor someone in the natural. Sometimes those closest to me don't understand being led by the Spirit, called by God or having instruction from the Lord. At times it can cause tension to put what He says first, but to Honor Him means to Honor Him first and above all else. I'm Honored to have two precious daughters, an amazing son and beautiful grandchildren plus so many children in the faith. God truly honors our prayers, our hopes, and our dreams. I pray you will consider honoring Him with your very best today. ❤🙌-Rock

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