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Sing On!

Rock had an appointment Tuesday, so she was up early and had been writing in Toccoa. To be proactive, she left early to get to her appointment but missed her exit.

She was madder than a wet hornet but while she was wasting time being mad because she was out of route, the Holy Ghost spoke to her and said, "Sing!"

So, she sang her way to the appointment.

While waiting for her doctor, a lady came in with her son and the Lord nudged Rock to go lay hands on her and pray, so she did!

Rock said, "OH WOW! Then it all made sense!"

She thought she only had a doctor's appointment, but it was a divine appointment to meet with this lady here at this exact time.

If she wasn't late, she would have missed that moment to encourage and pray for that lady.

Sometimes setbacks are set ups!

S I N G through the STORM!

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