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Hey! Rock here! I just came back from Charleston, South Carolina for some much needed time with God. While going to a seafood restaurant there that was referred to me by a friend, I had an amazing experience and not only was the food awesome I met the manager and co-owner and it was definitely a God moment. I noticed all around the restaurant there were these little cards with life-tips and tips on having a positive attitude. Some were even inspirational tips from a Godly perspective. I read one that was particularly interesting about consistency. I stopped and asked myself, what does it mean to consistent with God? in Hebrews 13:8 it says Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,

today and forever. It doesn't get more consistent than that! I think the key for being consistent in the faith is to stay consistent in our relationship with Christ and do the first things we did in the beginning! Read His Word, pray daily and Worship Him! Also being guided by His Spirit and listening for the still small voice as He speaks! I hope this message finds you well, take joy you are blessed, shalom! ❤ Rock

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