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Encounters - Make TODAY Count

Unity on a Mission's mission statement is "Encourage, Equip, Execute" - we take every bit of that seriously, but the EXECUTE part of that broken down means that everything we do is designed to make disciples & reach the lost through street ministry, prisons, rehabs, or one-on-one evangelism.

No matter where we go or who we may encounter, whether it be the clerk at the grocery store on a Friday evening after work, or a stranger in passing at a park on a Saturday afternoon - we have a chance to make an impact on their life if only we open our mouths and strike up a conversation!

On a Saturday this past August, I was in Winder for a meeting that just-so-happened to get cancelled while I was there- so I made the most of it and ended up at a yard sale on the side of the road. While there, I encountered a meeting with this jewel pictured. We exchanged introductions, small talk, and phone numbers.

After parting ways, the next day I received a text from her:

" I told my husband about you on Saturday when I got home and how something you said to me kept playing in my head....That we met for a reason.

I'm a firm believe that GOD brings people in your life. "

It wasn’t a coincidence that my meeting was cancelled, and it wasn’t a coincidence that she decided to have a yard sale that day – I could have easily driven back home after learning about the cancellation. The Holy Spirit has a way of letting you know when you’re called to do something. When you feel that "pull", lean into it. She was right – we were supposed to meet that day – and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the future.

A lesson I learned from my encounter, that is a good reminder for your future encounters:



Peace be with you,

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