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Every day is a Jesus Day!

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! Yesterday I was in Winder, Georgia eating lunch with a friend. We stopped along the way to just look around. I thought to myself how long it has been since you just stopped to smell the roses. Think about it! As we were leaving Winder, we stopped at a snow cone place to get a shaved ice. As I jumped out of the truck, I noticed a lady struggling to get out of her car with her son and she was struggling due to some type of ankle injury. I could have just ignored her and walked by her on this beautiful day just all about my snow cone, but I was prompted by the Holy Ghost to stop and pray for her. She had a cast on her foot. She immediately said yes mam'. I took a moment to listen to the Spirit on what to pray for her. I prayed while my friend stood by with the little boy. She cried and said thank you, people just don't do that anymore. I told her me and my friend did and then she said thank you and limped toward the snow cone counter. My friend said go ahead this is on me and she couldn't believe it. My friend didn't hear her say it, but I did, and she said Lord please let me have enough to get this for my son. It was so awesome to watch the joy coming from her. She thanked us again and as I was getting in the truck, I was prompted to give her some money. I said wait just a second and I handed it to her, then she started praising the Lord! She said she was going through a bad divorce and didn't know what to do that this was all she had. I told her the Lord said he would take care of us, and He wasn't kidding. Remember God has a plan for everyday and He will never leave you or forsake you. Look around you for someone in need and He will make sure your needs are met. Have a beautiful week! Shalom, ❤ ROCK

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