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Exercise Your Faith

Hey! have you ever heard someone say "exercise your faith"? Have you ever thought about what that really means? The more I live the Christian life I understand that faith is a muscle. It needs to be worked out in our daily lives. What I mean is we need to study God's Word and let it strengthen us so that we can overcome the battles we face by using great faith. That means to stand and operate in His power and live courageously by His promises. Just the act of being Saved the Bible says you first must have faith, that God holds your eternity. You may be facing a huge trial, you may need healing, you may be experiencing difficult times, but God wants you to use faith so He can move the mountains for You. It only takes a little... ❤Rock

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Tammie Arthur
Tammie Arthur
Dec 11, 2022

Standing on His promises

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