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In It's Time...

This past week, the Unity team including Rock, D-Earl, Sammy, and many others, hit the road on a mission to lead souls to Jesus.

Their journey started in Georgia, heading out first for Tennessee, then onward to Texas.

While in Tennessee, they explored all things blues in Memphis including the famous Beale Street, Elvis Presley's House, and even got to take a look at some of his cars!

The most important thing they thought they could do in Memphis was meet a family there that God had put on their heart, specifically, the husband.

Though they had their target, the wife ended up accepting salvation as well, during this trip! God has His plans, and they are not our own!

The good news doesn't end there!

Do y'all remember that book Rock wrote about her granddaughter, Tabitha?

Tabitha: Highway to Heaven.

Well, if you know Rock and her team, they are always traveling with merchandise, books, pens, etc., any resource you need!

As Sammy, Craig, Daniel, and Rock were traveling through Memphis in a car together, they felt pulled to go to this children's hospital there. They had some of the Tabitha: Highway to Heaven books packed in cargo with them and grabbed a stack to take with them into this hospital.

Now, if you've read these books, you can only imagine what it felt like in that moment, to be carrying a story like that, through those walls.

For Sammy and Rock, I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must have been to revisit a children's hospital after such a devastating loss. But the reason they were here was for something so great.

There had to be so many people inside, probably begging for a miracle for their own child. Praying out to God for a cure to their children's disease, wanting just a little bit of peace; light, in their darkness - that's now their reality.

The team took the handful of books into the hospital lobby and placed them in the waiting area, for easy access to those who need a word of encouragement.

Tabitha's story hasn't even been published long, and there have already been many testimonies told of how her faith and strength have encouraged others. These books may be just what these patients' loved ones need in the very season they're in now.

Though Tabitha passed years ago, her story is still impacting people.

You never know, the storm you're experiencing could be watering someone else's garden.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

"He hath made everything beautiful in his time"

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