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Independence Day

Hey Farm To Table Fam! Happy Fourth of July! We celebrate the birth of our Nation tomorrow as our "Independence Day" from July 4th, 1776. In America we will be doing all kinds of activities from cooking out, boating on the lake and watching fireworks. Mainly it is all focused on family getting together and celebrating the freedom that we have been so blessed with in these here United States. As Christians we have even more reason to celebrate as we celebrate our Freedom in Jesus Christ and our total "dependence" on Him! Recently we did and album release party for the new Rock-n-Earl album called "The Rhyme and the Reason". That evening one young man turned his life over to Christ at 18 years of age. As you know 18 is an age where you feel like you finally have your "Independence". Studies show that if you don't get saved by the age of 18 most people don't choose Christ after that. For this young man to choose Christ at the place where most young people feel like they finally have their freedom is pretty incredible. Now, not only can he experience the freedom of being a young American but also the greatest freedom of all. The Freedom only Jesus can bring! Have fun and be safe! ❤ Rock

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Tammie Arthur
Tammie Arthur
Jul 04, 2023

It was an amazing night

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