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Keep on Truckin'

God had given vision to Rock over the years of what she should do with her story. She has taken the trials and tribulations of her life and turned them into a success story to show God's Glory throughout, and when it's all said and done, those stories will be compiled into 19 printed volumes. So far, the series has 3 printed volumes with the 4th publication in the works!

What Rock encourages her readers to know is this: life will throw you dusty trails; life will throw you twists and turns. When you're on a mountain in a big truck, you have a choice... you can throw it in reverse and try to navigate down the hill and get back to an easier path for your rig; or you can choose to Keep on Truckin' and have Faith that if God brought you to it, He could surely bring you through it.

The thing is, He prepared the way for you. He paved the roads we all travel. We don't end up where we are in life by coincidence. So, keep it in drive and chug-a-lug up the mountain and you will get to where He has called you to go!

The only reason you should ever look back is to see how far He has brought you!

When Rock tells her story, you will see just how much God has brought her through. How much she has endured in her life to get her where she is today. She tells it all in her stories. It all starts in Volume 1, "Growing Up." That's exactly why she tells this story for her readers: to give God the glory for her life - to look back in the rear-view mirror on her life, to see just how far God has brought her!

Keep on Truckin'

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