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Leading The Lost...

Hey! Yesterday was an amazing time of ministry and worship at Labor of The Field in Anderson, SC. This gentleman was saved and it was at a crucial point in his life. As a Trucker before there was GPS you had to be extremely knowledgeable of your surroundings and know the road you were going. The Truckers "Code of The Road" used to be that a weary traveler who was lost could ask a trucker the best way to get to a certain destination and he would gladly help them find their way. Many times other motorists could just follow a Trucker's lead and it would lead the person where they wanted to go. This is how it it should be in the life of Christian's as we seek to Lead the Lost to Christ. This man had no idea he was going to get saved and everything that could block him from going to church seemed to happen, but something kept telling him to some how get there. We call that "the draw of the Holy Spirit." Amazingly, most people don't respond, they get freaked out or simply don't heed the call. Thank God this man was listening, he acted on the nudge of the Spirit and now his life has been changed forever! My prayer for you today is that whatever God is leading you to do that you will listen and obey. You never know what God may ask you to do! ❤ Rock

P.S. Check out "The Farm To Table Series" By Rock Today and Enjoy! Here's a link...

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