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I received a letter from a prisoner at the jail in Pinellas County, Florida - that I wrote a letter to a couple of months ago when we sent a batch of Bibles to the prison. The writer of the letter is named Theresa. I took some time and just wrote a short letter back that said we were praying for her. She wrote back and thanked me for the letter and said that she had been in jail for three years now and has never received a letter or anything from anyone and may be in there for more years to come.

I just wanted to say it made me cry.

We need to take some time for that ONE like Jesus did for us, and just do a little something for them because you never know how it will affect their life. She has read only read the first volume of the Farm to Table series, but has asked for several of her peers to receive a book as well. I am honored that my book can touch the lives of people who may have no hope.

Thank y'all out there for keeping me pumped up to keep writing! I am on Volume IV of the series now. Keep on Truckin' - Godspeed!

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