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Nashville Dreams...

Hey Farm To Table Fam! I hope you are off to an amazing week! We have just returned from a Unity Mission trip in Nashville. We went to support one of our Artists on staff (Kalaan White) who was a part of a Record Label showcase of Artists setting their sites on the Nashville Dream of making it in the music business. Kalaan did an amazing job and we were able to see and hear several other artists who are striving to be the next "big thing". Unfortunately, statistics show that probably 98% of artists in Nashville never come to realize that dream and leave Nashville probably disappointed. That doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to be be excellent, hone in on your craft of give it all you got. It just may mean that God has another plan. As artists, songwriters and authors at Farm To Table, we have decided long ago to let the focus be on Jesus and however successful we become in the world we will leave up to Him. We look at it as letting Him decide how big the platform is we get to be on. In John 12:32 it says "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.” We just continue to get ready, prepare and give all we have to be excellent so when the time comes to take the small or big stage we will be ready to shout His name from the rooftops!

❤ Rock

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Kalaan did an amazing job!❤️❤️ Gods got him and how he talked about Jesus on stage was so uplifting!!

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