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Rock & Earl

Hey Farm To Table Fam! Hope the New Year finds you Happy, Healthy and feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit! In our ministry there is so much to look forward to as we will have a new album, new children's book and so many other opportunities to do ministry in 2024! This is my Co-Director and Partner in the ministry D-Earl. We have been through many battles together as the Music Group Rock & Earl but we have seen God do many signs and wonders and have seen so many Saved and Delivered. Sometimes it seems like a glamorous life traveling, speaking and singing for Jesus but that's not always the case. Some days it seems like the whole world is against us as we Keep on Truckin' for the Kingdom. Some have asked us how we maintain our close friendship and good attitude toward each other through the many challenges and spiritual warfare we face. It's quite simple, the Bible says in Romans 12:10 "Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves." Earl has for the better part of four years promoted, served and worked to help facilitate my gifting's and callings despite his own calling as an international gospel artist. I do the same for him as well. Another words we honor each other and help encourage, empower and equip each other to do what God has called us to do! If you really want to succeed in the Christian life, find some people who challenge you, strengthen you and believe in what God is doing in your life, but also do the same for them! ❤ Rock

Find the "Farm To Table Series" By Rock here

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