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Save The Males🙌

Hey everyone! Hope your week has started out incredible and today finds you blessed & highly favored! God has brought me two men in my life who I have come to love and trust with the great things of God! I learned a long time ago that men serve a very important role in life, ministry and family as leaders. The media, internet and tv have portrayed men as losers, domineering and not worthy of respect. This type of negative influence has caused all kinds of problems and issues that have destroyed much of what the family core should be about. No longer has the man been given the encouragement, love and support as the priest of his home. On the contrary men of course need to be Spirit led and understand their role in the home as provider, discipler and priest. They will never get there without the support of praying, confident women who know their identity in Christ! "The Farm To Table Series" is all about the ins and outs of how family, ministry and business life flow together bringing glory to God! I pray you will give it a chance and I promise it will bless your life! ❤ Rock

Check out the first volume of "The Farm To Table Series" here!

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