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Tabitha: Highway to Heaven

I recently felt it on my heart to write the story of my granddaughter, Tabi. This isn't a story that's easy for me to share, but when God says move, we move! I will be publishing this book before I publish Volume 4 of The Farm to Table Series. This is not a book in the series, but I can't say it's unrelated. The story of Tabi is part of my story. Part of who I am, and it will explain to you why I have a lot of the faith, hope, and love that I do.

My granddaughter Tabi, aka Tabitha, was 5 years old when she went to Heaven. Her inspiration literally changed my life. We are all sent to our mothers, through their womb and out onto the planet to do something special. My life, before knowing this Angel from Heaven, was out of control!

For a moment, I just want everyone to take a minute or two to stop and reflect on the ones who have had a hand in changing your life by their part in it. Tabitha changed me forever. look for who may have changed you or is currently in your life to bring Faith, Hope, and Love. We know the greatest of these is Love.

We're hoping this book will be out and available to purchase prior to the New Year. Keep an eye out for it!


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