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Tambourine Queen

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! D.Earl sometimes calls me the "Tambourine Queen", which is funny because D.Earl started his music career playing tambourine in a Christian Rock band. I've been playing it for years and it's definitely my go to when publicly leading worship. When you study the Bible about Tambourines they were actually called tof Miriam – literally “drum of Miriam,” a reference to the role that the sister of Moses and Aaron played in leading the Israelites in a celebratory song thanking God for splitting the Red Sea to get them out of Egypt. Tambourines have been used in thousands of songs to accent the music but not always in praising God. It's amazing how God responds with power to praise and instrumentation played just for Him. Maybe you're in your car listening to praise music or playing in a Worship band but are you able to get caught up in the sound enough to actually draw closer to God? When you think about it we are actually instruments in His hands for His Glory! ❤ Rock

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