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The Joy of The Lord

Being an Author who is trying to get a story out to the world, especially one of God's redemption, can be trying at times. Just like anything you dream to do, we all experience doubt, frustration and we stop to ask ourselves "Why am I even doing this." In the Christian life it is even worse because we have an adversary (satan) who is trying to rob us of our gifts, callings and endeavors for the Lord. He knows if we preach, proclaim and praise that more than likely someone's life could be changed for eternity. This past weekend D. Earl and I and the Unity Team went to South Carolina to lead people to Jesus, do a concert, and promote the good work God is doing through the books and music. 8 people accepted Jesus as their Savior for the first time! Just to get to that moment seemed like jumping through hoops and so many different emotions but it was so worth it to see the smiles and the Joy they had on their faces. Before the concert this young man came up to me with this huge smile on his face and told me how much the Farm To Table Books had made a difference in his life and many others in this particular ministry. It blessed my heart just to know that someone was touched and it led them closer to God! That is precisely why I do what I do! I just want to encourage you today to not listen to the enemy but listen to the One (Jesus) who gave you your dream and do not quit or give up even when the going gets tough! Nehemiah 8:10 says

"Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." It's ok to go through a thing and its ok to cry but don't wallow in it and become depressed, get up, walk in faith and go accomplish that God given dream for Jesus Christ! Watch the world change right before your eyes! ❤ Rock

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