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The Three Hearts...

Hey everyone! Those close to me sometimes see me sign my name with hearts, sometimes with one and sometimes several. It is just a way I like to do things and I guess I don't feel the need to explain it fully, lol so I'll save that for another day. Being that tomorrow is Valentine's Day and it's described as the day of Love, I couldn't help but think about my Love for Jesus. The Bible says in Mark 12:30 "And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." So let's unpack that for a moment. The "Heart" in the Bible is considered the seat of life or strength. It means mind, soul, spirit, or one's entire emotional nature and understanding. The Soul in the Bible speaks of your inner-life in relation to your own experience: your mind, heart, will, and imagination. It also includes your thoughts, desires, passions, and dreams. The Soul in Hebrew literally means "Breath". The Mind is that part of the human being in which thought takes place where perception and decisions to do good, evil, and the like come to expression. The Bible word for strength is the word 'ischuros' – which means might, and being strong in the sense of physical strength. Doesn't it seem like these are intertwined a bit? Wow! To Love God with all of these must mean we are really in Love with Him! Next week we will talk about the particular expressions of love and how we express them. For now though, Happy Valentine's Day and remember God is Love He Loves You! 💕 Rock

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Cindy Mangiafico
Cindy Mangiafico
Feb 13, 2023

Love love love from Cindy

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