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Healing is in His Hands..

Updated: Oct 30

Hey Farm Table Fam! I hope you are having an amazing week and today finds you happy, healthy and filled with the Holy Ghost! Recently one of our amazing contractors who is overseeing our Praise Barn construction on the 55 Farm, "Jose" broke both of his legs in a work accident. I have been encouraging him in many ways over the years but this thing really put a cramp on his ability to work, which is the way he provides for his family. The Bible says in the latter part of Mark 16:18 "...they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover." For us to be obedient to God we must be willing to lay hands on the sick and pray over them. Now, it's not us who does the healing, but think about how many times we may have missed an opportunity to help someone by simply being obedient to the Holy Spirit! Also, God may not decide to heal them right then, or maybe they receive their healing in Heaven. Maybe it's a few days later, weeks or even months. The point is, the true Healing is in His Hands. Think about this though, Who does He call to be His Hands & Feet? That's right, Healing can be in Us if we are prayed up, have clean hands and a pure heart, there is no telling what God can do through us! We love you and pray for you today that you will be bold enough to use the power from on high and that God can use you to be an agent of change & healing! ❤ Rock

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