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The Song In Your Heart

Hey! Hope y'all are having a great week so far! I'm sitting here with Studio Engineer and Artist Nalaak working on a new song by Rock & Earl. It's important because there will be times of trouble and heartbreak where you will need a song, a promise so to speak to help get you through! One of my favorites D.Earl and I do is called "Chemistry". It reminds me how not only are we in this thing together but we are bought by the Blood of Jesus and He's The True DNA running through our veins. A "tear in your beer" song might make you more depressed. A sappy love song might make you really go off the deep end, but a God focused Worship chorus if it get's it in your Spirit might just be the thing to lift you up out of a tough place. I have my own praise times and I love to shout Hallelujah! Maybe today is a great day to find your own Song that will do your heart good! ❤️-Rock

P.S Check our the New book and enjoy...

The Farm to Table Series: Keep on Truckin' Volume 4: Heartbreak Mountain for Rock & Earl. I must say it's coming along great! I wanted to encourage you to ask yourself, what is the "Song In

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